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Mandarin for Kids Blog

Why I Chose To Learn Mandarin Chinese

TutorMing | September 30, 2015

You might wonder why a white Jewish high-schooler from suburban New Jersey decided to learn Chinese. Why not Spanish, a language so prevalently spoken in the U.S – or even French, which uses the same alphabet as English? Why learn a language with a completely different tonal and writing system that is primarily spoken in a country over 6,000 miles away?

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Obama Wants 1 million U.S Students to Learn Chinese by 2020

Sara Lynn Hua | September 29, 2015

After the state visit with President Xi of China, President Obama announced a new initiative: To have 1 million American students learn Mandarin Chinese by 2020.

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What Age Should You Learn Chinese?

Sara Lynn Hua | September 23, 2015

What age is best for you (or your kids) to start learning Chinese? A general consensus is that in order to develop a native accent easily, children should start learning Chinese before the age of 12.

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What Is Chinese Immersion For Kids?

Josh Anish | September 11, 2015

Growing up in a Pennsylvania public school, I had very clearly defined foreign language options; classes wouldn’t start until 7th grade, and I would have only three choices: Spanish, French and German. I took Spanish for the simple reason that I liked Menudo.

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