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USA vs. China FIFA World Cup Roster

Sara Lynn Hua | June 26, 2015 | | 0 Comments

This Friday, the Chinese women’s soccer team will take on the U.S team, a showdown that is 16 years in the making.

(Did you know? The Chinese people have actually been credited for inventing an early form of soccer over 2000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty.)

The Chinese have not had a great relationship with the sport, especially when it comes to the men’s team. China’s football association has been shrouded in scandals of bribery and corruption. A rigorous measure of housecleaning in 2009 resulted in a number of soccer figures being penalized with fines or jail time. Skill itself is another issue: the men’s soccer team has only qualified once since 1930.

The Chinese women’s team (known as the "Steel Roses"), on the other hand, have had a much better track record. They have yet to take a championship title, but they’ve made it to the elimination rounds 5 times in the last 6 World Cups.

The No.16 team is fighting an uphill battle in this match against the No.2 U.S team. ESPN Stats predict that the Chinese only have a 12% chance of winning over the U.S soccer team. The last time these two teams met was 16 years ago, at the 1999 FIFA World Cup final, where the U.S won by the slimmest margin possible (5 penalty kicks over 4.)

We've compiled a list of likely starters and rosters for both the China and U.S team! We've even found the Chinese names of all the U.S team members. Check it out below!

Note: In sporting events, only the surname of foreign names is translated into Chinese because foreign last names tend to be very lengthy. However Chinese players are usually referred to with their full names.

[Text from tables]

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English Name Chinese Name Pinyin Position Number
Wang Fei 王飞 wáng fēi GK 12
Li Dongna 李冬娜 lǐ dōng nà DF 6
Liu Shanshan 刘杉杉 liú shān shān DF 2
Wu Haiyan ( C ) 吴海燕 wú hǎi yàn DF 5
Tang Jiali 唐佳丽 táng jiā lì MF 13
Han Peng 韩鹏 hán péng MF 18
Tan Ruiyin 谭茹殷 tán rú yīn MF 19
Wang Lisi 王丽思 wáng lì sī MF 21
Ren Guixin 任桂辛 rèn guì xīn MF 23
Zhao Rong 赵容 zhào róng FW 14
Wang Shanshan 王珊珊 wáng shān shān FW 9

Chinese Team Additional Players
English Name Chinese Name Pinyin Position Number
Zhang Yue 张越 zhāng yuè GK 1
Zhao Lina 赵丽娜 zhào lì nà GK 22
Li Jiayue 李佳悦 lǐ jiā yuè DF 4
Pang Fengyue 庞丰月 páng fēng yuè MF 3
Xu Yanlu 许燕露 xǔ yàn lù MF 7
Ma Jun 马君 mǎ jūn MF 8
Lei Jiahui 雷佳慧 léi jiā huì MF 8
Zhang Rui 张睿 zhāng ruì MF 10
Wang Shuang 王霜 wáng shuāng MF 11
Li Ying 李影 lǐ yǐng FW 7
Lou Jiahui 娄佳惠 lóu jiā huì FW 16
Gu Yasha 古雅沙 gǔ yǎ shā FW 17

U.S Team Likely Starting Players
English Name Chinese Name Pinyin Position Number
Hope Solo 索洛 Suǒ luò GK 1
Ali Krieger 克列格 kè liè gé DF 11
Becky Sauerbrunn 绍尔布伦 shào ěr bù lún DF 4
Julie Johnston 约翰斯顿 yuē hàn sī dùn DF 19
Meghan Klingenberg 克林根堡 kè lín gēn bǎo DF 22
Christen Press 皮尔斯 pí ěr sī MF 23
Morgan Brian 布莱恩 bù lái ēn MF 14
Carli Lloyd 洛伊德 luò yī dé MF 10
Tobin Heath 希斯 xī sī MF 17
Abby Wambach ( C ) 瓦姆巴赫 Wǎ mǔ bā hè FW 20
Alex Morgan 摩根 mó gēn FW 13

U.S Team Additional Players
English Name Chinese Name Pinyin Position Number
Alyssa Naeher 奈赫尔 nài hè ěr GK 21
Ashlyn Harris 海里斯 hǎi lǐ sī GK 18
Whitney Engen 恩根 ēn gēn DF 6
Kelley O'Hara 奥哈拉 ào hā lā DF 5
Christie Rampone 兰波内 lán bō nèi DF 3
Lori Chalupny 查鲁普尼 chá lǔ pǔ ní DF 16
Heather O'Reilly 奥雷利 ào léi lì MF 9
Megan Rapinoe 拉皮诺 lā pí nuò MF 15
Shannon Boxx 博克斯 bó kè sī MF 7
Lauren Holiday 赫莉黛 hè lì dài MF 12
Sydney Leroux 勒鲁 lēi lǔ FW 2
Amy Rodriguez 罗德里格斯 luō dé lǐ gé sī FW 8


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Sara Lynn Hua

Sara Lynn Hua

Sara Lynn Hua is a contributing writer and editor for TutorMing. She grew up in Beijing, before going to the University of Southern California (USC) to get her degree in Social Sciences and Psychology.

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