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5 Things You Thought Were Chinese But Aren't

Sara Lynn Hua | August 30, 2017
1. The Chinese Takeout Container

You know the one I’m talking about. The quintessential foldable box for rice, almost origami-like, with a little wire handle. It often has a pagoda drawing on the side and a stylized “Thank you” written in “Asian-font.”

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What Is Boba And Why Is It So Popular?

Julia Chang | July 22, 2017

Pearl milk tea (珍珠奶茶), sometimes referred to as bubble tea or boba, is a Taiwanese drink most popularly known as a milk tea with tapioca-type balls. The balls are also known as pearls, so the Chinese translation of 珍珠奶茶 is literally pearl (珍珠) milk (奶) tea (茶).

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6 Inspirational Chinese Women You Should Know About

Jinna Wang | March 29, 2017

Without any doubt, women are amazing. Throughout history, women have been educators and warriors, rulers and scientists, artists and mothers and so much more. In honor of Women’s History month, we created a list of inspirational women throughout Chinese history, past and present.

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Why Is China Obsessed With Korean Pop Culture?

Patrick Kim | March 21, 2017

"Hallyu," a Korean term meaning "Korean Wave," was coined in 2001 by the Chinese media to describe the phenomenon of pop culture from South Korea sweeping across East Asia. Nowhere is the impact of Korean cultural appeal in Asia more apparent than in China, where the lack of a strong domestic media industry has created demand for the same production value and screenwriting quality that Korean media companies have become so consistent in delivering. Even some of China's most popular TV shows are remakes of successful shows in Korea, demonstrating how reliant China has become on Korea for entertainment that speaks to its cultural tastes. However, high-quality content alone doesn't explain the demand for Korean cultural imports, and it is the lifestyle represent in Korean dramas and music videos that Chinese, especially the younger generation, crave. It is not by coincidence that South Korea's rise to overtake Japan as the cultural trendsetter of Asia has happened at the same time as China has developed into the world's second-largest economy. Chinese fans look to Korea as a model of balancing modern capitalist and Western culture with Confucian values, and sometimes even as the source for a revival of traditional Chinese culture.

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10 Things You Must Eat At A Taiwanese Night Market

Jinna Wang | March 14, 2017

There is a legendary destination created out of a foodie's fantasy, where you can sample hundreds of different drool-inducing delicacies. Where you can eat for hours, even days, from one end of the street to the other without repetition. Where you will leave with your belly a lot fuller, and your wallet only slightly thinner.

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China's Love For Basketball

Patrick Kim | March 01, 2017

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) just elected Yao Ming (姚明 Yáomíng) as its head, making the most important figure in the history of Chinese basketball in charge of its future development. Yao (who happens to be TutorMing's very own spokesperson) was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame last year not only for his performances as a player, but also for his work in bringing the US and China closer together through basketball. Today, there are over 300 million people in China registered to play basketball, and the Chinese market has become the most important international market for the NBA. The NBA is still more popular than the CBA even in China, partially because of its difficulties in fostering local talent. However, Yao Ming's election as head of the CBA promises change, as he is the first one in his position to be taken from a professional background rather than a bureaucratic government background. 

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