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A New Era Begins: The New TutorMing Platform Is Here

TutorMing | August 05, 2019 | | 0 Comments
TutorMing New Platform 2019

TutorMing has a new platform! To celebrate, we have a special deal. For current students, we are giving away coupons too! Read more for details.


Ladies and gentlemen,

we are very excited to announce to you that we will be bringing in an EVEN BETTER service to you:

TutorMing has a new platform launched!

  • A fast & fit new platform is now fully on board on both Web and APP
  • You can choose your webcam on or off, as you like it
  • More features added on to increase class interaction
  • Regular sessions will be no more than a ratio of 1 on 3

With the choice of camera on and off, it's easier for the consultants to correct your pronunciation. 

In order to enjoy the EVEN BETTER service, there are some new things require a bit of clicking:

  • For computer/laptop users, use Google Chrome only 
  • For iOS users, upgrade both  TutorMing Classroom APP to version 2.0. and iOS system to 9.3 or above to be compatible.
  • For Android users, upgrade both  the APP to version 2.0 and OS system to 4.2 or above..

Chinese course with budget

Celebrating The New Platform With 5% Off!

5% discount on most products is on to celebrate our launch. Let's buy more credits and enjoy the new platform more!

Get Discount!


  • Promotion Period: Now – September 1st  
  • Applied on: New and current customers
  • How to get discounts: simply make purchases on the website


A Minor Price Adjustment Ahead

The new pricing will be effective on September 1st.


What can I do before The New Price Is Here?  - For Current Students, Get Coupons Now!

During this month, you get a coupon when you study hard on TutorMing. The more lessons you take, the bigger coupon you could get! 

take more lessons


  • Prices in USD
  • Promotion Period: Aug 5th  (Mon) – Sep 1st  (Sun)
  • Coupon / gift sessions released on Sep 17th
  • The maximum coupon is $150 or 3 free sessions
  • Applied on: TutorMing current learners including adults, kids, and TutorABC consultants
  • Coupons are used on next purchase
  • Coupons can be swapped to free sessions. $50 coupon = 1 free session
  • Coupon expired date: Oct 31st

Mandarian classes in London

For example, when you take 5 TutorMing sessions in Aug, you will get a $50 coupon or 1 free session. We will calculate the sessions on September 17th and an email with coupon will be sent to you to guide you how to use your coupon on your next purchase. If you prefer the free session instead of coupon, write to us! We will help you change the coupon into the free session. 

And remember, we still have 5% OFF anyways. So, when you purchase a new course now, you could get 5% discount; when you need  new courses later, you could use the coupon to purchase. 


For New Clients, Why Not Try our Lesson Today?

A new platform, a discount, and a 5-star learning service, what are you waiting for? Let's meet native professional Chinese tutors online, and purchase courses with 5% off before the promotion finishes. The first trial lesson is free and no obligation.  

Sign up for a free Chinese class!




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