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TutorMing is the official company news and press release author on the TutorMing blog.

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TutorMing Black Friday Special is Coming!

TutorMing | November 15, 2018

From Nov 21st to Nov 28th, TutorMing has two special offers for all Chinese learners! You can get five 1-on-1 classes for only US $20. For the extra determined learner, we are offering the Master Package: 200 sessions at only US $14.1 per session.So if you just want to give learning Chinese a try, or you’ve decided to master it right away, we’ve got the classes for you. 

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TutorMing Releases New Starter Packages (Vote Now)

TutorMing | June 25, 2016

TutorMing is unveiling category-specific starter packages reflecting the different paths people can take in learning Chinese. When people want to learn Chinese, they usually have a specific motive in mind, therefore we’ve developed an easy-to-learn topic focused classes to achieve your individual goals. Each course topic is designed to help students build a solid foundation for business, travel, or basic introductory Chinese.

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TutorMing Director To Host Spotlight Session At AmCham China

TutorMing | May 26, 2016

Image from AmCham Website (2011.)

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